Together we create focus, energy, balance, purpose and transformational success for brilliant people

Hi, I'm Andy.

I love what I do.

I help people to grow by finding their purpose, voice, focus and energy with balance in all areas of their life. 

In 2010 I had a breakdown. I was burnt out from overworking and losing focus on the important relationships in my life, family and friends. From a working-class background, I worked so hard to develop a career from making coffee to becoming a senior leader at one of the largest global organisations. Work was an addiction at the expense of my physical and mental health. I was struggling with anxiety, depression, and finance. I was overweight, I felt empty and considered ending my life.

I rebuilt myself one step at a time and I’m now happier and more focused than ever. I have fantastic relationships with my family, friends, peers and clients. I’ve won Mentor and Leadership and Management advisor of the year with Local, National and Global recognition. I’ve spoken at and curated TEDx events, worked with 500+ leaders and business mentors. I’m now financially free and an Ironman Athlete.

Now I work with senior leaders, business owners and their teams to make a positive difference to their people, clients and more importantly, their loved ones.   

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If you are serious about change and helping others, we can have an open and honest and non-judgemental conversation. We’ll soon learn how we, together, can develop a simple plan to drive forward. 

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